Independent film projects that I have produced or been associated with in a number of production roles including marketing and distribution, casting, budgeting with credits including Marketing Director, Producer, and Executive Producer.


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Set against the Ethiopian abandoned children crisis, “The Other Side” follows two orphan brothers faced with the world beyond their orphanage walls. Days before his 18th birthday, Abel finds himself about to graduate the orphanage and leave his younger brother, Kiya, behind.

Resigned to a reality of never being adopted, Abel seeks to prepare his hopeful brother for their likely future. But when a prospective adopting couple threatens to break their relationship apart, the brothers wrestle with waiting for a dream that may never be fulfilled.

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In my role as a Marketing Director, I worked closely with the rest of the United States team in order to fund, market, and promote the short film. I was directly involved with grant funding, social media, promotion, website design and creation, and reach-out.

May 2019-2020 Ongoing

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In my role as the Producer, I worked closely with the Director and Executive team in order to fund, market, schedule, and promote the short film.

September 2019 - 2020 Ongoing

“Living in French” is a Documentary telling the stories of Maine’s French speakers, past and present. The film is an exploration into the French language in Maine today through interviews with French speaking refugees from countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and more, who are giving way to an emerging renaissance of French language and culture in Maine. Many of these stories would otherwise go unheard as the tradition of speaking French is disappearing throughout the state. There are several reasons for this loss of language, resulting in loss of culture and other traditions, but few solutions or protections have been put into place to preserve what is left.  

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